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Evidence for the Ramp Theory

  • Pictures from the tomb of Djehutihotep showed 152 men moving a large statue of the Pharaoh on a wooden sled and a liquid being poured in front of it to lessen the friction.
  • Quarries across the Nile still contain unfinished blocks the same size and shape of those used in the Great Pyramid.
  • Near one of the Gizeh pyramids, ruined walls 80m by 450m show a series of galleries where further excavations reveal bits of flint blade, rubbers used to polish the stones, copper, sandstone and grinding pigment.
  • A series of evenly spaced bore holes could have been used to hold poles, ensuring straight lines.
  • Many blocks were marked with instructions including "This side up", group names of the workers and humorous messages including "How drunk is the king?"
  • A French architect has shown that 1 man can move a 1 ton block on a slippery path of Nile mud, therefore teams of workers could have easily moved 2.2 ton blocks.